Cleaning Checklist Before Moving Out

Cleaning out the old place is the last thing you want to do before moving out a home to begin another. However, it still required to be done. So, you have to prepare for the cleaning tasks and endure it until it’s done. When your place is only dirty on the surface and not damaged, the manner how you clean can determine whether you can retrieve your deposit money, which has been held hostage for several years or not. To help you with this agenda, we will be providing you a checklist of the things that you should never forget to do while prepping your house for its next tenants. Keep on reading to know more: 


  • Remove all of the cobwebs in your home 
  • Vacuum the entire home.  
  • Make sure that all stains are removed from the carpet or hire a professional carpet cleaner. 
  • Clean the baseboards and walls 
  • Clean all outlets and light switches 
  • Clean the doors and doorknobs 
  • Clean the windows 
  • Dust all ledges 
  • Dust the ceiling fixtures 
  • Take all the screws and nails out of your ceiling and walls and smoothly putty them. 


  • Vacuum out the exhaust fan’s surface when it’s extremely dusty 
  • Clean the mirror 
  • Clean the countertop, sink, toilet, and mop and sweep your floor 
  • Replace your toilet seat when it looks unappealing 
  • Clean out the bathroom vanity and drawers to make sure that you obtain all the hair out and eliminate any liners.  
  • Get soap scum off the tiles of your bathrooms shower, tub, and shower, and bleach the grout. 


  • Remove all of your appliances and sweep behind them 
  • Clean the exhaust fan in your kitchen if necessary 
  • Clean out the dishwasher if you own one 
  • Scrub the oven in and out.  
  • Eliminate burners, drip pans, and shelving and use steel wool to clean it.  
  • Scrub the fridge in and out. Take out all of its shelves and separately clean them if needed. 
  • Shine and clean up the faucet and sink 
  • Disinfect and clean all countertops 
  • Wash the cabinet’s front 
  • Clean out all the liners and cabinets 


  • Make sure that the garage is swept and totally empty 

Living room/bedrooms 

  • Mop, vacuum, sweep and dust these empty rooms. 


  • Scrub the porch stairs to get rid of all the grass stains to make it look a thousand times better 
  • Get rid of all your things that may be hanging in trees or stuck in the ground. 
  • Pull the weeds 
  • Cut the grass 

The last thing you need to do is to mop all the way from one point to the furthest part to the door. After ticking out all of these tasks, you can guarantee that your home will be as good as new, which will be appreciated by your landlord and the new tenant. Also, you can have a greater chance of getting back your deposit payment. However, given that these tasks are time-consuming, you can always use Move-Out Cleaning Delaware County PA services from a professional cleaning provider.