When Will You Need a DUI Lawyer’s Presence?  

It is considered a crime when you drive under the influence thus it is handled by the criminal court. As the one driving, you can go to court to defend yourself however in most cases it is better to hire private lawyers or be represented by the public defenders that were appointed for your case. 

1. Lawyer’s Opinion 

If you are not part of the legal system, it can become difficult for you to stress the weaknesses and strengths for your driving under the influence case. Laws regarding driving under the influence can be changing from time to time and each case encountered may be just as unique as the others. In order to get the best possible outlook on what to do first, get a lawyer’s opinion so you can be informed on what you should do first.  

DUI lawyers provide a free consultation to possible clients however some have to pay a small fee to get a consultation. However, you must know that getting a consultation from a DUI lawyer is always worth every penny because through the process he will be able to bring into light your possible strengths and weaknesses. It is also very important to bring the police report you own and the other important documents related to the case so the DUI lawyer knows the big picture. Moreover, you should always be prepared! Through the consultation, list some questions that you want answered so that you can understand the situation more.  


2. Private Lawyer 

Hiring a private lawyer that will represent you in the proceedings of the court will give you the benefit to be flexible with your schedule specially if you are a busy person because of work. When it comes to hiring private lawyers, the price is a bit higher than usual however the good thing about driving under the influence cases is how DUI private lawyers offer a more affordable and understandable price. Attorneys who are experts in the field of DUI are a good way to ensure that you have someone who knows the loops of the case. Moreover, it can lessen your time in court.  


3. Public Defender 

Public defenders are involved with different cases and some of them are DUIs. DUIs are a familiar field with public defenders and they are people who are more acquainted with attorneys in the district and even the judge thus it is a good edge in making a plea because the public defender already knows what the district attorneys or judge wants to hear or demands in a case.  


The downside with public defenders is how they have a lot of cases in their plate. So, if you want your case to be attended to right away, getting help from a public defender might not be for you. Public defenders are busy individuals and even if they want to help your plea for your case, it can take more time than you think thus if you are a busy person having a DUI lawyer is for you. Looking for one? Fort Lauderdale DUI lawyers are experts when it comes to DUIs. Connect with them today and make sure your case is handled with the shortest possible time.  


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